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"Anteeksi, onko sinulla kännykkää? Akku on loppu."

Translation:Excuse me, do you have a cell phone? The battery is dead.

June 25, 2020



It could be my battery is dead


That would be akkuni on loppu.


Yeah, but a word-for-word translation makes for stilted, awkward, unnatural English: I can't imagine ever saying "The battery is dead" except in direct response to a question like, "What's wrong with yours?" If I were approaching someone and offering an unprompted explanation about why I'm borrowing a phone, it would always be something like, "My battery is dead."


Do you know if the course will be extended to cover possessives, ever, Annika? I heard that Finnish is one of the smallest Duolingo courses ... and since this is one of the hardest languages - certainly European languages - that seems a bit unfair.


Yes, you could report all those instances where Duolingo wants cell phone by using the flag. I haven't bothered.


The prosody is once again completely unnatural. Clearly straight from Google translate... There should be a clearer pause between anteeksi and onko; the same betweeb kännykkää and akku... The rising accent in kännykkää is also very strange, robotic, and unfinnish


Well, it's free. What do you expect?


I thought that Finland had and has one of the highest prevelances of kännykkää in the world.

So the question would come over as ' melko outo' in any case.

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