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  5. "Tervetuloa! Kippis!"

"Tervetuloa! Kippis!"

Translation:Welcome! Cheers!

June 25, 2020



I dont think you would normally see this words together like this lol


If a Finn offers you vodka to greet and make yourself comfortable, you will most likely see these two interjections used in close proximity. ;)


Well, maybe if someone held a really short speech (in a hurry to start drinking) consisting only of the greeting. :)


Is that "cheers!" used as a drinking toast ("skol!", "here's mud in your eye!", etc.) or as a greeting / parting? "Cheers" is both multi-use and a bit ambiguous in the region of the US I'm from.


kippis originates from the German expression die Gläser kippen (literally “tilt the glasses”), so it is more often used as a toast. Though, I would not be surprised if it is also used as a chiefly-Commonwealth informal interjection.


Is it me or it is pronounced like tervettuloa?


Yes, it is. Good catch. :) Finnish pronunciation is pretty regular but there are always exceptions. This is called gemination.


I hear it too and have got one exercise wrong because of that.


Sometimes I'm just listening and I forget to read. Hence, I type what I hear, instead of translating. Stupid mistake, I know, but I wish it would pick up on the oversight and remind me to translate instead of just marking it wrong.


Happens to me too!

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