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"Turistit eivät halua ostaa tuota radiota."

Translation:The tourists do not want to buy that radio.

June 25, 2020



There should be a clear glottal stop between ostaa and tuota!


So ' tuota radiota' refers to a specific radio (maybe one I have in my hand) whereas 'tuo radio' would be... ? What, exactly?

Does that mean when I specify with Tämä or tuo that I have to use partative? Or is it because of the action in the verb ostaa?

Can someone clarify please?


Tuo radio is that radio, a specific one. Partitive is used because it's a negative sentence. If the tourists wanted to buy the radio, then it would be accusative, Turistit haluavat ostaa tuon radion.


Thanks Boarcas. I forgot the negative issue.

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