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  5. "Heillä on aina samaa ruokaa."

"Heillä on aina samaa ruokaa."

Translation:They always have the same food.

June 25, 2020



"They have always the same food" is correct as well


I do agree its not as natural as the correct translation but it should still be counted as correct


In which variety of English? That's not standard word order.


Seems a bit weird to me (Australian). Can't imagine ever saying it, or writing it.


"They have always the same food" is still appearing as wrong, though others note it should be correct. Reported.


Putting an adverb between the verb and the object is very rare in English. Exceptions can be found of instances where doing that can still sound natural, but in most instances it can come across as bizarre, and this is one of those latter instances. Word-for-word translations don't always work. Although this is strictly related to English grammar, it's beneficial to note the differences between Finnish and English when learning Finnish on the basis of English.


Can it be translated as "They have the same food always?" or would that be a different construction in the Finnish equivalent?

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