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  5. "The ponies get up."

"The ponies get up."

Translation:Ponit nousevat ylös.

June 25, 2020



Doesn't nousta already mean "rise" or "get up" by itself, e.g. from bed? I'm not sure if ylös is necessarily required here...


You are right, it's not totally necessary I guess, but it does sound very natural to me as a native Finnish speaker. So like I would still use the word 'ylös' in this context


Yes, in this context if you leave the "ylös" out it becomes almost paranormal as "the ponies riseeeee.... woooo" and then they float in the air, poor ponies. One option is "ponit nousevat seisomaan" which means they are getting up to stand.

[deactivated user]

    Nousta literally means to rise. Nousta ylös is the action of getting up from bed/ground onto your feet.

    Sometimes nousta ylös is shortened to just nousta, like when commanding your kid: nouse jo! But nousta does not mean nousta ylös.

    And maybe confusingly, nousta ylös is also not commonly used when something rises upwards, like a helicopter. Then you say nousta ylöspäin. (-Päin here is similar to English -wards. Upwards, forwards - ylöspäin, eteenpäin)

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