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  5. "Tämä kellari on pieni."

"Tämä kellari on pieni."

Translation:This basement is small.

June 25, 2020



Kellari is very likely to have been borrowed from the Swedish "källare". It's not the other way round since the Swedish källare has well-known cognates in the other Germanic languages (Kellner in German, kjeller in Norwegian, cellar in English, etc.) and non-Germanic (cellier in French, celler in Catalan, etc.).


It's also kelder in Estonian.


kelder in dutch as well


"Kiler" in Turkish too


Basement - kellarikerros, cellar - kellari. Finns are not storing their food under their houses, never have not even in the stone age and kellari means only the food storing place. Kellarikerros means rooms under the house where can be garage, tv-room, rooms for hobbies, or for just about any use, even a boiler room. :)


POV you just got kidnapped by the duolingo bird for your bad finnish :(


So is there a distinction in Finland / Finnish --as there is in many parts of the US-- between a basement, a floor / living space below grade, and a cellar, a room below grade specifically to store foodstuffs (root vegetables, wine, etc.)?


Storage space for food stuff would be called a pantry (ruokakomero) in Finnish, kellari just the floow down below.


Got it. Kiitos.

In the part of the US where I am from, a pantry is sort of an upstairs closet for food storage. A cellar is underground, for storing things like carrots and potatoes (or wine and beer) in the cool and dark. A basement is the floor down below.


A pantry in Finland can be upstairs as well. It's just a cold room for food and alcohol storage, but if it's in the basement, then you would still call it the pantry and the whole basement still kellari.


The tips page mentions "cellar" as a translation, it should be counted as correct here imo.


Cellar is English, basement is American English. English speakers would say garden ,but In American English it is a yard. In English the two have different meanings.


England and the US: two nations divided by their common language.


*Cellar is British English,

Both are English


The directions and translation were reversed.


the sentence to be translated was in English with the Finnish verb on

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