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  5. "Äiti on sisukas nainen."

"Äiti on sisukas nainen."

Translation:Mother is a woman with sisu.

June 25, 2020



I really don't like the idea of this "sisu" concept appearing in the coyrse over and over. Especially not as early as this. First of all: It's not something a beginner would have any benefit in learning. Second, and more importantly: It doesn't have a suitable english translation, so it completely fails as an example for teaching tge language. "she/he is a person with sisu" Just does not exist in english, and the example is therefor very, very ill suited for teaching. Of course that is my reasoning, but I believe I'm making valid points.


I don't believe in all your point here. For deciding what words are worthwhile for beginners, that can be hard to define from one person to another. To me, it makes me want to search out and grow to be fascinated with the finnish language. Second, having to grapple with the idea that not all words CAN be easily translated is important. Another huge thing is that in finnish society, the concept of "Sisu" permeates a lot of the finnish mindset, whether that is having enough or too little. The focus of this course is much more on finnish thinking and culture than english, and due to this fact, i do see Sisu being useful and important, even if you feel its awkward to hear in english.

I hope this helped a small bit. This is from my experience dating a finn as a canadian for two years and talking with various finns around her


Can you please tell me what "sisu" means in english or explain the sentence, I am a beginner of finnish and thank you.


Sisu is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. It is generally considered not to have a literal equivalent in English.


Would it be comparable to a having a stiff upper lip?


It seems to be an important cultural concept to work in sisu so much early on. Similarly, one would not study Danish without having a concept of hygge early on.


Could someone explain this sentence to me? I don't understand the English translation as well - is this some idiomatic expression?


Sisu is a Finnish word that can be kind of hard to translate to English. It's like perseverance combined with being daring and bold. In this sentence the word sisu has been turned into an adjective sisukas. Hope this helps!


Thank you! I was wondering about that and since I'm not a native in English I thought it's just my lack of knowledge - yet Google hadn't helped me at all. So - thank you!


Synonyms for sisukas (← Kielitoimiston sanakirja)


I agree wirh Davidhoz. At peast give an explanation what this sentence conatruction is supppsed to be. I have no clue what sisu means and a woman with sisu sounds extremely awkward to my (admittedly non-native English) ears

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Even worse, to some Slavic (and perhaps other) ears woman with sisu' suggestswoman with [big] breasts/tits'. Incorporating non-English words can be dangerous.


Not a defence but if you open the mobile browser or duo on a pc you will be able to see the lessons before the sections and there's one there for sisu

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    Just so I don't wonder, would "A mother is a woman with sisu" be a potentially correct translation or does it not work for some reason?


    Wouldn't "Sina on sisukas nainen" mean "you are a woman with sisu"?

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