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"This bird says hoot and that bird says tititee."

Translation:Tämä lintu sanoo huhuu ja tuo lintu sanoo titityy.

June 25, 2020



"hoot hoot" should be accepted at least, and what is "tititee" even?

In general I think the onomatopoeias in the course are... well, a little odd.


I agree. I don't know if we need to learn animal-language also. Not so usable in the everyday conversations...


I must have missed the day of kindergarten where we learned about the bird that says tititee.


That's because English speaking children are usually not taught what this bird says, but in Finnish it's the generic singing bird sound. One of the reasons (but not the only reason) for including it is that many learners start practicing a language they are learning by reading comic books. If a character gets knocked on the head by a chair or a kantele, the inevitable birds sing titityy. :)

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