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"There is a delicious mushroom growing on the ground."

Translation:Maassa kasvaa herkullinen sieni.

June 25, 2020



Puusa on pieni sieni = There is a little mushroom in the tree


Certainly not the correct main answer here. Thankfully "maassa kasvaa herkullinen sieni" is accepted as an alternate


Please check the task - English and Finnish sentences do not match.


Shouldn't it be "Maassa kasvaa herkullinen sieni." -> A delicious mushroom grows on the ground? It's hard to deduce that "there is...." part in unnecessary , especially after drilling that "Tuossa on..." stuff a lot.


I agree with sgkogan. "A delicious mushroom grows on the ground" is perfectly good English. The addition of "There is" is unnecessary and confusing.


I think it's mainly to make the word order more similar to the way the Finnish sentence is. "There is...growing on the ground" is much more similar to "Maassa kasvaa..." than "A...is growing on the ground."


Got everything cirrect except spelling delicious with 2 k's instead on 2 l's.. Dont understand the logic in losing hearts in duolingo sometimes small spellings are accepted and sometimes they are not...


Is it ok to say "herkullinen sieni kasvaa maassa", as opposed to the order suggested?


That would be The delicious mushroom is growing on the ground.

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