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"Haluaako hän glögiä vai kahvia?"

Translation:Does he want some glögi or coffee?

June 25, 2020



I think "some glögi or some coffee" or "glögi or coffee" should also be accepted.


Yes, agreed. "Some" isn't necessary for the translation.


In this case it's a listening exercise, so there's only one correct solution?


The same discussion board is used for a given sentence, but users will be tested on it in different ways. So you got a listening exercise, but not everyone does.


How would I know to add the word some?


When you use the partitive, it always means "some", i.e. part of what you're talking about, but especially with food and drink. You could also put them in the genitive case if you're saying you ate the whole thing.


Unless there's the word jokin (jotain in partitive), meaning 'something/some', the word 'some' is optional.

The English word 'some', when immediately preceding an uncountable mass noun, means "an unspecified amount", to quote Wiktionary.

A mass noun is by default an unspecified amount, so 'some' doesn't really add more information to the sentence. "Does he want coffee?" and "Does he want some coffee?" are both valid translations of 'Haluaako hän kahvia?'

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