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  5. "Missä pohjoinen on?"

"Missä pohjoinen on?"

Translation:Where is north?

June 25, 2020



Is "where is the Norh" correct ?


I've now added "the North" as an alternative translation. It may take a few weeks for the system to accept it.

I should add that if you use "The North" as a synonym for Finland (or sometimes also the most northern Europe in general), you should use Pohjola instead. -la/lä is a suffix you can add to nouns and adjectives to create a noun that refers to a place, so if you see a word that ends in -la or -lä, there is a good chance you are dealing with a place name. :)


Does this mean north as in the point of the compass?


I had a different clue, where I gave "missä on pohjoinen" and it accepted it. What is the difference between that and "missä pohjoinen on"?


Missä pohjoinen on? is the most likely word order. In this case, we except the other word order too, because it doesn’t affect the English translation (since there is no such thing as "a North"). :)


in English i think it should go: which way is north?


Wouldn't you say, "what direction is North?

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