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"Antoine, your old sweatshirt is dirty and ugly."

Translation:Antoine, ton vieux sweat est sale et moche.

June 25, 2020



Still failing to accept "laid"

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What's the difference between moche and laid?


Good question. WordReference defines moche as familier or familiar. So maybe it is used more in daily speech rather than written? Also, moche sounds more intense than laid.

I'd love to hear from a more fluent speaker about this question!



P.S. I just found a forum thread about this question. It says that moche is more familier But there are some differences in the figurative meanings. One post reads:

"though remaining familiar, "moche" can also be used in a figurative way => "c'est moche ce qu'il lui arrive !" (nothing to do with "laid" in this case, it means : it's not a good thing) "laid" can also be used in a figurative way => "ce film est laid" meaning this film has a very loose moral, with hard scenes, crass subject .... "


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