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  5. "Onko teillä juustoa?"

"Onko teillä juustoa?"

Translation:Do you have any cheese?

June 25, 2020



This is a sentence you must learn if you want to read the Finnish translation of"Treasure Island."


Does "Do you have some cheese?" look like a correct answer too? Wasn´t accepted.


It seems correct to me.


Please help: why can't I say: do you have SOME cheese???


To piggy back off of this, why can't i say "do you have cheese?" I get why you can't say "do you have THE cheese?", but just "cheese" should be acceptable right?


i put "do you have cheese" and was accepted O.O


Would "onko teillä juusto" mean do you have the cheese?


That would be more like "do you have a cheese", since the new information tends to go towards the end of the sentence. The Finnish sentence feels a bit off or incomplete; you could for example add a location in the end like "onko teillä juusto jääkaapissa" ("do you have a chees in the fridge") to make it more natural. Also the unchanged version sounds more natural if you stress the last word to express astonishment: "onko teillä JUUSTO" ("is it a CHEESE that you have").

The Finnish sentence corresponding to English one with the definite article would be "onko juusto teillä", i.e. moving the subject towards the beginning to give it a more familiar (or definite) feeling.


Does Anyone know the difference between 'juustoa' and 'justo'


What is wrong with do you have cheese? What word would let us know any is needed for the correct translation? Thank you. Kiitos


I'm a learner too, but I think that if you have the +a that marks as an infinitive, it means that is is just "some", "an amount" of cheese. Not any specific cheese.

I'm not sure about what Duolingo is accepting or not in this exercise

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