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  5. "Missä norjalainen kissa on?"

"Missä norjalainen kissa on?"

Translation:Where is the Norwegian cat?

June 25, 2020


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In the forest!


Norjalainen kissa on metsässä!


damn u have a lot of languages


I forgot to put "the" and got wrong u.u


In this situation 'the' is necessary, but yes some of the sentences should be accepted without it- just in this one 'the' kinda needs to be there haha


Drakkarissa, koska hän on viikinki XD


You mean Norwegian forest cat right?


Can we just say missa on norjalainen kissa


That would be closer to Where is A Norwegian cat?. If the subject in the English sentence is translated with "the", the most used word order is question word + subject + verb. There are some exceptions to this. Like repeating the same sentence again or listing things in full sentences. Here are two people packing their things for a holiday, repeating and listing things they need. :)

  • Aino: Missä avain on? Where is the key?
  • Väinö: Mikä? What?
  • Aino: Avain. Missä on avain? The key. Where is the key?
  • Väinö: Se on täällä. It's here.
  • Aino: Entä passi? Missä on passi? How about the passport? Where is the passport?
  • Väinö: Missä on hammasharja? Where is the toothburush?
  • Aino: Se on tuolla. Mutta missä on passi? It's there. But where is the passport?
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