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  5. "How often do you play?"

"How often do you play?"

Translation:Miten usein pelaat?

June 25, 2020



"Kuinka usein pelaat?" was not accepted in placement test, but should be. While the "sinä" tends to not be dropped in spoken language, dropping it is perfectly acceptable and not uncommon in written form.

[deactivated user]

    Kuinka usein is correct but in a previous question they wanted miten usein which o have no idea why


    I translated 'play' as 'soittat' because I have just completed an exercise about playing instruments.


    I believe 'you play (a musical instrument)' should be 'soitat', not 'soittat', due to consonant gradation. Granted, Duolingo doesn't ever teach about consonant gradation.

    But Duolingo doesn't accept 'soitat' either, and I agree that it should.


    The subject can be left out in such sentences because the verb ending (possessive affex) indicates that the subject is "you"

    [deactivated user]

      The subject issue is pretty bad now im failing simple translations merely as DL are being ridiculously fickle about having it or not. I kept count and in one round there were almost 20 cases of demanding the subject and 14 not requiring it but neither allow for both. Its so frustrating


      It also doesn't accept "Te pelaatte". Reported


      I used soitat instead of pelaat and was marked wrong. It means something different but still should be accepted, since the sentence does not give context. Reported.

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