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"Hello and welcome!"

Translation:Terve ja tervetuloa!

June 25, 2020



So, is "tervetuloa" a compound word? And if the first part means "hello," what does "tuloa" mean?


Its nominative form (dictionary form) is tulo and it means "arrival" in this context, although you rarely see that word in the nominative singular form. In tervetuloa, it is in the partitive singular. terve means "healthy", so you are wishing good health to your guest. :)


It basically means come healthily. Tuloa means to come i think


Is it correct to say terve ja tervetuloa? Is this not repetitive? I have been living in finland for 4 years and never heard this before, i thought terve and tervetuloa are te same but different


Well, they are not the same ("terve" is used as a greeting just like "hei", "moi" etc. are), but while you can use them like this, I'd personally say "Hei, tervetuloa" or "Moi, tervetuloa" just to avoid the feeling of repetition. I think they have included "terve ja tervetuloa" here just to show how these words differ and function.


Thanks! I would generally try to avoid awkward repetition in English too, but in English we generally have more word choices because English is a word-sucking monster. Good to know that the awkwardness is really there, and not just me.


It's correct, but like you say, not common. Mostly you would hear Hei ja tervetuloa! Or just, Hei! Tervetuloa!


Tervetuloa is exactly the same as the English "welcome" (= well + come) Similarly Farewell (Fare is from an old word meaning travel (cf. German Fahren)


Why not "hei ja tervetuola"? I got marked wrong!


Interesting! Just to test I put "Moi ja tervetuloa" and it was accepted. Do Finns say "Terve" any more? When I first visited Finland in 1961 "Hei" was the normal Hello for my girlfriend (later wife) and her friends, but now, watching Sorjonen and Karppi on Netflix it seems that "Moi" is the norm.


TuLOa instead of tuOLa.


you have a typo, it's tervetuloa


It so happens that I typed "tervetuola" too, and I got marked correct with a typo. (I have been transposing letters a lot toady.) I suspect hei is not accepted because it's regarded as less formal, but those boundaries don't translate well, so if I see this question in the future I will suggest hei as an alternate, if it isn't already accepted.

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