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  5. "Olet kaunis ihminen."

"Olet kaunis ihminen."

Translation:You are a beautiful person.

June 25, 2020



I wanted to write: you are a beautiful person, but autocorrect made it: you ate a beautiful person ;D


When Happoradio lyrics come in handy: "Tapahtuu, mitä tapahtuu / Muista että oot / Kaunis ihminen"


Technically "You are a beautiful human" would be the direct translation but this is acceptable as well.


The Finnish word for "person" is "henkilö", but it's quite detached and sounds very official. "Sinä olet kaunis henkilö" would never be used, unless someone is joking. So, while you could translate this sentence as "you are a beautiful human (being)", I think "you are a beautiful person" captures well what is meant by the Finnish sentence, even if "ihminen" isn't quite the same as "person".


Could "pretty" be considered a translation of "kaunis"? I was marked wrong but not sure if I should report it.


It doesn't quite have the same connotations. The way I understand the Finnish sentence is that it means inner beauty first and foremost and you can't really use "pretty" to express that.


Pretty would be more like "nätti" or "sievä" in Finnish.


although ihminen is not really person but more human being.. I can't seem to get past this one. I gave the answer "you are a beautiful person" but got a red screen..any suggestions on what I can enter to move on?


This answer worked for me so I don't know why you are having issues


It's quite possible that "You are a beautiful person" was added as an acceptable translation within the past few weeks. Notice that Rob744872 posted their message several weeks prior to your response.


Does it mean like "You look really good" or "You are a good person"?

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