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  5. "Oho! Puhuuko hän suomea?"

"Oho! Puhuuko hän suomea?"

Translation:Oh wow! Is he speaking Finnish?

June 25, 2020



Can't this sentence also mean "does he speak finnish?"


Then why was it marked wrong?


Would you please accept this : "Does she speak Finnish?" is a correct translation as well as "Is she speaking Finnish" for : "Puhuuko hän suomea?" Would you please change it.


May I venture to ask whether introducing the "hän" into "puhuuko suomea" can idiomatically nuance the emphasis from a general question, "does [s/he] speak Finnish?" to a concurrent question, "...is [s/he] speaking Finnish..?", as each of these appear to draw two completely distinct connotations?


Hän can't be omitted, so it's always there.

Without context there's really no way to tell between those two English questions. They're both Puhuuko hän suomea?

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