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"Strange! He does not want to eat pulla, although he is Finnish."

Translation:Outoa! Hän ei halua syödä pullaa, vaikka hän on suomalainen.

June 25, 2020



The latter "hän" is not necessary. ", vaikka on suomalainen." is grammatically as correct as the "correct" answer.


Can anyone explain why "outoa" appears in partitive case here?


Here again, "Kummaa! Hän ei halua syödä pullaa, vaikka on suomalainen" should be accepted. As Miikka said.


"Pulla" is a mass noun here, so no, "bun" doesn't work at all.


if you try to find the word although in a dictionary, it never comes up with vaikka... maybe the word needs to be added to the dictionary. the other way around it do comes up with although.


Which dictionary are you using? On both Wiktionary and sanakirja it comes up.


Duolingo dictionary and google translate both come up with siitä huolimatta. I just tried it again.


I see... Personally I prefer Wiktionary and (for Finnish) sanakirja.org, as the Duolingo dictionary is (understandably) less complete, and Google Translate without context sometimes give quite weird results. Of course comparing between multiple sources are always a good idea.

(And I think Google Translate shows different things - somewhat annoyingly - depending on one's location and setting: mine does list vaikka as one of the alternatives)

EDIT: Ah, just noticed that Duolingo Dictionary is based on Google Translate... no wonder they show the same results.


That's why... Thanks for your sanakirja tips though. I will put them on my list

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