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  5. "Ik gebruik suiker."

"Ik gebruik suiker."

Translation:I use sugar.

August 4, 2014



That "ui" vowel always throws me. Still getting used to it :-)


Good luck, all I can say is: keep on listening, keep on pronouncing it. If you want to communicate in Dutch and don't care about having an accent, then hearing and pronouncing the vowels right is a lot more important than the consonants.

When pronouncing the ui in suiker incorrectly, you will probably be understood, but in these kind of words it is essential:

  • hier, hoor, haar, huur, hoer (especially the last two, you don't want to mix up paying your rent huur or your prostitute hoer)
  • bier, buur, boor, boer
  • buis, boos, baas


Why not I take sugar? (which is a more usual formation in english) I take sugar in my tea. I use sugar in my tea . is a rather odd sentence. Or is this use sugar for something else?


It depends on the context. You're assuming the sentence relates to a cup of tea. What if it referred to baking a cake?


I take sugar in my tea sounds odder to me.


'Do you take sugar' would be the usual way of speaking in British English, as would be the statement 'I take/don't take sugar'.


Everybody does. Het is lekker! :D


I'm studying several germanic languages at the time and i can't find why this essential word is so different: use in English, gebruiken in Dutch, benutzen in German, använder in Swedish.


Gebrauchen is another German version of this word and its pretty close.


There is a word "anwenden" in german as well, but the meaning may be a little bit different.


If i wanted to say 'he uses sugar' but the sugar is singular, is the dutch; 'hij gebruiken suiker'


Both in Dutch and in English, suiker/sugar is uncountable. Also nouns (in this case sugar) have no influence on the verb conjugation, only the subject and tense do. The verb conjugation of gebruiken (a regular verb) in the present tense:

  • ik gebruik
  • jij gebruikt
  • zij/hij/het gebruikt
  • wij gebruiken
  • jullie gebruiken
  • zij gebruiken
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