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"Tässä pastassa on sitruunaa ja voita."

Translation:There is lemon and butter in this pasta.

June 25, 2020



There Are lemon and butter in this pasta. Or, This pasta has lemon and butter in it."


Cannot proceed further as all answers are wrong


Give the answer that Duolingo says is correct. Then press the "REPORT" button and check the option that says, "My answer should not be accepted."

Because this is a new course, there will be a lot of reports. Eventually, they will send you a message if they have decided that your answer is as good or better than theirs.


What about "there ARE lemon and butter..."?


That's a good question, actually. Why isn't it "ovat" rather than "on"? I see that the subjects are in partitive but even so, there are two of them ("sitruunaa ja voita").

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