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  5. "Terve! Minä olen Elsa."

"Terve! Minä olen Elsa."

Translation:Hello! I am Elsa.

June 25, 2020



Minä olen = I am

Sinä olet = you are (singular)

Hän on = he/she is

Se on = it is

Me olemme = we are

Te olette = you are (plural)

He ovat = they are (for people)

Ne ovat = they are (for things)


But it says you are Carlos....


Fffffff, i made ONE mistake - hAllo, why unkorrekt


Weil es ein deutsches Wort ist, not an English one. The owl is usually very strict about mixing languages. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too badly with the "German" part. I'm very rusty. ;)


Quick question, how does the accent on the ä change it from the normal a in Finnish? Here it sounds like a normal a as in English bad, is that just a downside of the TTS?


The umlaut dots above Ä and Ö are not accents. Ä and Ö are letters on their own right representing sounds that are very different from A and O. Ä and Ö are front vowels for starters, whereas A and O are back vowels. Ä represents the same vowel sound as found in the English word "cat"; A is closer to the one found in General American "car". If you have access to the web version of the course, you can find more thorough pronunciation advice for all Finnish sounds in the Tips. :)


I'll have to log in to the Web version on my day off to check this out, thanks. Swedish took me a while to get used to the pronunciation, I don't imagine Finnish would be easier so I'll keep trying


Why is this "olen" and not "olet"? Kiitos!


"olen" is a first person singular form of the verb "olla" = "to be", "olet" is a second person singular. So minä olen = I am, sinä olet = you(singular) are. Hope this helps! :D


Man, finish us hard but a very sexy language


I learned and it's so easy and fun

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