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  5. "Zij heeft ons nodig."

"Zij heeft ons nodig."

Translation:She needs us.

August 4, 2014



I answered, "She has need of us." Other than being a bit stilted and formal, is this actually wrong?


I don't think it's wrong per sé no, but I think Duo really wishes to not only let you get the sentence correct, but also the general 'feeling' of the sentence. While "she needs us" has technically the same meaning as "she has need of us", they don't really feel the same in terms of formality, intensity, etc.


How do you know when it's "They" or "she"? Also, how am I the only one with these types of problems??


The verb indicates whether the subject is singular or plural. A verb ending in "t" (as in this sentence) is singular, therefore you know the subject is "she". Verbs ending in "en" are plural indicating "they" is the subject. I had trouble with this, too!


i answerd "she has our needs", is it wrong?


You translated it too literally. In Dutch, there is no verb for 'to need', instead we use 'hebben' (to have) and 'nodig' (requirement/necessary; something like that). So to need = nodig hebben.


Thanks, I'll try to understand better. Dutch grammar is quite somethin haha

[deactivated user]

    Shouldn't it be Onze?

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