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  5. "Sinä olet aina hauska."

"Sinä olet aina hauska."

Translation:You are always funny.

June 25, 2020



I remember that hauska tutustua translates to nice to meet you, so hauska has slightly different meanings?


Yeah! Hauska tutustua is kind of an idiomatic expression and directly translating it to English would mean "fun to get to know/meet you":D


hauska means funny. Nice to meet you (hauska tutustua) is also correct. I think it has to do with the fact that Finnish has completely different spoken/colloquial language and a formal written language. something like Kiva nähdä taas (nice to meet you again / pleasure to meet you again) is also synonymous with this.


They also gave "nice" as another translation. Yet, when I tried to use it, it wasn't accepted. Why?


It's because "hauska" doesn't actually mean "nice", only "fun" or "funny". However, when greeting someone, you might say "hauska tutustua" (only if it's your first time meeting the person), "hauska tavata" or "hauska nähdä" which would translate to "fun to meet/see you". The problem is, of course, that you wouldn't say "fun to meet you" in English. Instead, you'd say "nice to meet you", for example. So in that context "hauska" becomes "nice", even if it doesn't actually mean "nice". The hints do not take context into account, unfortunately.


I did the same, I reported to duolingo. Im not sure if they've done anything to fix it.


I accidentally typed she instead of you.


Is "Sinä" needed here?

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