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" Miksi sinä et puhu koskaan englantia? Olen niin ujo."

Translation:– Why do you never speak English? – I am so shy.

June 25, 2020



"Why do you never" and "Why don't you ever" are equivalent and interchangeable


Yes, report it and it should be added.


There seems to be double negation in the original sentence.


not ever is never. Interchangeable.


"I am so shy" may be a literal translation, but it is a very unnatural answer to this question in English. A more natural answer would be "I am too shy" - as in, not "more than very shy", but "too shy to speak it". Perhaps "quite shy".

Can't explain very well why, but "so" just doesn't work here, it would only have worked if this was just a statement of fact.


You need to be able to translate back to the Finnish sentence from the suggested English sentence, though. Which I don't think is very easy in this case if we start prioritizing the elegance of the English translation.


I'm going to use that excuse


True statement for a lot of Finns


Is koskaan (never) related to koska (because) in some way?


No. It's used in negations and questions. :)


Wiktionary claims koskaan came from koska, plus the suffix -kaan.

If this is correct, I'd guess the base koska was closer to the adverb meaning "when", than to the conjunction meaning "because". Though it looks like the adverb and conjunction have the same origins.

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