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  5. "Se on Ruotsi."

"Se on Ruotsi."

Translation:It is Sweden.

June 25, 2020



The word Ruotsi comes from the Old Swedish roþs- "related to rowing" which is reference to the coastal Rotslagen area of Sweden (rodslag means "a rowing crew of warrior oarsmen"). Much of the Swedish speakers in the west of Finland originated from this coastal area and so the word came to be used for Swedes and then Sweden itself.

Interestingly too, this would mean the Finnish word Ruotsi and the English word Russia actually have the same Proto-Germanic origin and would also make them related to the English words row and rudder.


Kiitos, I was wondering where the name came from.


How would you say: "It is Swedish?"


Se on ruotsalainen


Se on ruotsi is also "it is Swedish" in another context. Ex: "Mikä kieli tämä on? Se on ruotsi."

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