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"Voi ei, te olette todella kaukana."

Translation:Oh no, you are really far away.

June 25, 2020



Why not, "oh no, you are all really far away?"


Can we use 'very' in place of 'really' for 'todella'?


Very far away is better translated as Hyvin kaukana.


This answer should be accepted. Oh no You really are far away.


"Oh no, you really are far away." gives you a different impression than "Oh no, you are really far away." What I mean by this is the 1st sentence gives you an impression of, "I have been told they are far away and am just now realizing the true distance between us because I didn't believe you at first." vs the second sentence giving you the impression of, "Them telling you where they are and you commenting on how far away they are." I hope I explained it okay, sorry if I didn't.


That could be maybe because "todella" comes AFTER the verb "olette" and NOT BEFORE it.


and why not "you are really away"? where is the mistake? And I did report ir indeed...


Maybe that would be 'te olette todella poissa'?

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