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Communication with DuoLingo

This is my first time from a computer with DuoLingo, so I am not real familiar with everything. Especially trying to communicate with DuoLingo staff. I have done all of my Language Learning on my mobile device. Even on my mobile device, I am unable to leave a comment or ask a question.

So, I just plug along!

I am trying to learn Navajo which has been very difficult since there is not much audio.

I have been through all of the categories and now just refresh daily to keep my streak going.

In the "Body Parts" section, I am unable to complete a refresh due to an error with the word for Nose. It is saying that the word for Nose in Navajo is Ayaats'iin yet I was earlier taught that Ayaats'iin is the word for Jaw. I was earlier taught that the word for Nose in Navajo is Achiih. Well, in trying to refresh this category, it will NOT take either Navajo word.

Can this please be fixed?

Ahe'hee'! (which is Navajo for Thank You! on an English keyboard)

By-the-way, I should be on a 144 day streak yet I am only on a 117 day streak due to a similar issue back on day 27 when I was getting familiar with DuoLingo. I do not recall, for sure, yet it seems like it was this same WORD issue.

June 25, 2020

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Duolingo, let’s get some more audio on these lessons please?

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