"Il dort dans le lit que je suis en train de faire."

Translation:He is sleeping in the bed I'm making.

June 25, 2020

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"He sleeps in the bed I'm making.", is a more sensible translation: he's not in the bed now but it's the bed in which he sleeps.


who knows with Duolingo...? Maybe they mean that he's sleeping in the bed while I'm trying to make it? Either way, why teach such a sentence? There are better sentences which would teach the grammar, I would imagine.


This assumes he's not a cat


That was my read of the sentence, too. Although most cats won't remain asleep during the excitement of a change of bedclothes.


"He sleeps in the bed (which) I am making." Accepted 8 Mar 2021.

Could be an answer to, "In which bed does he sleep?"


I don't think the translation, "he is sleeping in the bed I'm making" makes any sense. The sentence implies that the speaker is making the bed while someone is sleeping in it. This is illogical. How can you make a bed when someone is sleeping in it? I think a better translation would be: "He is sleeping in the bed I am trying to make:. Reported


"En train" is not in the translation? "...the bed that I am about to make"?


Considering "en train"... I wrote ... He is sleeping in the bed as I'm making.... AS being one of the choices. And it was marked wrong. I thought inserting AS would be as close to En train as possible.


'en train de' corresponds to a continuous tense in English (and possibly "in the middle of"), ie "that I am (in the middle of) making". "as I am making it" would be "pendant que je le fais".


Yes - I was taught that the expression "en train de" should be rendered with a translation that expressed the current nature of the action like "in the middle of" as you suggest or such as " I'm busy.." + present participle


Just Plain Stupid.


should this not be "that i am trying to make"

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