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"We study chemistry in Prague."

Translation:Me opiskelemme kemiaa Prahassa.

June 25, 2020



The sentence would also be correct without "me".


Me opiskelemme and just opiskelemme are equally correct.


Could have kemiaa in the end.


Yes, but that could sound a bit weird though (to some, at least). After "we study" it's logical to state what you're studying.

The location could also be at the beginning, if one wants to emphasize the 'where' over the 'what'. The word order in Finnish is pretty free, but not entirely insignificant. Usually, whatever is more important comes first.


Indeed, if it's more notable that you're studying in Prague, you would say "Prahassa kemiaa".


Are you a native Finnish speaker? Because there's literally nothing weird in saying "opiskelemme Prahassa kemiaa". I actually say more often it that way than "kemiaa Prahassa" LOL


LMAO I got this sentence wrong because I put "Prahassa kemiaa", I'm native Finnish speaker so I know this is 100% correct way to say this.


is kemiaa in partative because it is an ongoing action?


"Chemistry" is the object (something is being done to it in an active form) in this sentence so it's in partitive. Same as apple in this sentence: "I'm eating an apple" - "Syön omenaa".


Pretty much, yea. "Opiskelen kemian" would be kind of like saying "I will learn all of chemistry".

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