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  5. "Do you still live in Berlin?"

"Do you still live in Berlin?"

Translation:Asutko vielä Berliinissä?

June 25, 2020



Still = vielä , yhä, edelleen


why can't I answer "Asutko Berliinissä vielä"? Kiitos


It sounds unnatural. Maybe it's because "vielä" is an extra word that brings little to the meaning. (You would get basically the same answer with Asutko Berliinissä?.) You can ask "Asutko Berliinissä vielä ensi vuonna?" though.


can someone give a short briefing of the rules when to use -ssa and when -ssä? that is a bit confusing to me. or is it one of those things i just have to learn with the word like grammatical gender in some languages? (like in this one it had sveitsissä and italiassa) pretty please? :D


If the word contains any "a", "o" or "u", then you use -ssa. Otherwise use -ssä.


Except when the word is a compound word, it only depends on the last part of the word. For example pesäpallo -> pesäpallossa (pesä 'nest' + pallo 'ball') but rapsiöljy -> rapsiöljyssä (rapsi 'rape[seed]' + öljy 'oil').


I got shot down here for "asutko vielä sinä berliinissa?" (yes the a at the end should have been ä)

but if you did have sinä explicitly in there, where should it sit? I've picked up the idea that vielä always comes just after the verb, but would it be "asutko sinä vielä berliinissa" here? or would you just not have sinä in this question form?


It should be: Asutko sinä vielä Berliinissä.

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