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  5. "Yksi kahvi, ole hyvä."

"Yksi kahvi, ole hyvä."

Translation:Here you are, one coffee.

June 25, 2020



I think "Here you are, a coffee" could be an acceptable option.


So do I.

Also, why couldn't it be "a coffee", instead of "one coffee"?


Because here it says "yksi kahvi" not just "kahvi"


"one coffee, here you go" should also be accepted


I have such a hard time pronouncing "kahvi." That h sound in the middle is messing me up. Any tips? Lol! Kiitos!


You could try pronouncing it as "kah-vi", or first just trying out the "ah" (a little like in "ahoy!", although that's more like "äh" depending on how you pronounce the "a"). :)


Imagine sitting in a comfortable bath or sofa after a hard day and say "Ahhh..." I believe there's that "h" sound you need. And then get the same feeling by thinking about a good cup of coffee in your favourite place and say "kahhh..." with the same feeling and end it with the "vi" from "vision" to end your vision about kahvi. And then shorten that h sound a little too make it sound normal. I hope that helps!


It is very helpful but make me laugh too. Kiitos


There you go also works as english meaning


One coffee please

This is the THIRD translation on this particular lesson today incorrectly deemed "incorrect" What a pain in the ass!

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