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  5. "Millainen maa Islanti on?"

"Millainen maa Islanti on?"

Translation:What kind of country is Iceland?

June 25, 2020



English grammar does lack this question word.


The word "millainen" comes from "minkälainen" (what kind of).

The -lainen (x kind of) ending is quite common.

If someone asks you "millainen/minkälainen", you could answer "tällainen" (tämä - this kind of), "tuollainen" (tuo - that kind of), "sellainen" (se - that kind of), "samanlainen" (same kind of), etc. Pronouns are usually written together with "lainen", as in the examples above.

Quite often you can use "lainen", but in many cases it's more natural to use "kaltainen", "tyyppinen" (type) or "tapainen".

Her/his kind of:


Hänen kaltaisensa/tapaisensa/tyyppisensä

like Anna:

Annan kaltainen/tapainen/tyyppinen


Maa means land, country, earth (not the planet), ground, soil and several other related items. The question "what kind of land is Iceland?" is the as "what kind of country is Iceland?" Both are correct translations of "Millainen maa islanti on?"


Yes, the planet as well. :)

"Kuu kiertää maata"

"The moon orbits the Earth"

"The globe" is "maapallo" (pallo - ball)

"Maailma" (ilma - air) can also mean the earth, but also the world (even the universe)


Umm it also means the planet when written Maa.


Why cant is word be after iceland


"nation" should also be acceptable in place of "country"


There are other translations more accurate for nation. Better stick with what is asked on this one.

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