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  5. "Matti, you are funny."

"Matti, you are funny."

Translation:Matti, sinä olet hauska.

June 25, 2020



Matti means friend or bro in Dutch slang


The Finnish pronunciation is different though. The way you say 'mattie' in Dutch would be spelled 'Mati' in Finnish.


Why isn't there sinä?


It's included in the ole_t_ already. No other pronoun has a t in the end so it would be unnecessarily repetitive for a short phrase like this unless you really want to press the "you" to the person you're addressing.

[deactivated user]

    Isn't hauskaa also right ?


    No. Partitive is not for this case. You could say "Matti, you are fun company (to be with)" - "Matti, sinä olet hauskaa seuraa" but then hauska is an adjective describing company and not Matti. And since he is not a fun company but some fun company you need partitive.


    they really should include puhekieli, kirjakieli is so long. "matti sä oot hauska"


    Puhekieli is different is different parts of finland and also plus dialects so kirjakieli is what everybody understand

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