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  5. "Minä olen saamelainen."

"Minä olen saamelainen."

Translation:I am a Sámi.

June 25, 2020



This sounds odd in English - we usually drop the indefinite article with nationalities/ethnicities unless adding other information, so "I am Sámi", but "I am a Sámi woman".


It sounds OK to me, as e.g. I am a Finn, a Scot, a Swede. Obviously we wouldn't say, "a Finnish / a Scottish / a Swedish, but I feel comfortable with either "I'm German" or "I'm a German". It depends on the sound of the word.


@Judith: Not on the sound but on the type of the word. "German" happens to be both adjective and noun. In the case of Finland it would be "I'm Finnish" and "I'm a Finn." (Sep 2020)


Glad to be included!


That's a thing I like about the Duolingo courses: they don't just teach the language but also a bit of culture. That's why even in the most basic lessons they've already included the Saami people, the kantele and even made a point to let us know that sauna are originally Finnish


Is it more correct to say "I am Sámi" or "I am a Sámi"? What do the Sámi prefer?


Compare to english: "I am Swedish / I am a Swede". Svenska: "Jag är svensk / Jag är en svensk". Both work and have nearly identical meaning in most cases. What the Saami themselves would like probably depends on individual preference


It said that "Saami" is a typo, and that the correct spelling is "Sámi." I thought "Saami" and "Sámi" were both acceptable. Is one more correct than the other?


"Sámi" is the preferred way of writing the word in English, but both "Saami" and "Sami" are also used.


They really need to add the accent mark buttons to the "Type in English" sections too. Especially if they are going to address the answer as if I forgot to use it.


again, no opportunity to insert accent


I wrote "I am a Sami" and got a message saying "Pay attention to the accents". However, when you are translating into English, accented letters aren't available. Surely Duolingo doesn't expect us to use CharMap to find á?


It is somewhat frustrating when you are reminded to do accents when translating from Finnish to English as a lot of American keyboards do not have this feature. It's nice you can do it from English to Finnish. It should be a reciprocal option.

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