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  5. "Onko tämä pulla vai leipä?"

"Onko tämä pulla vai leipä?"

Translation:Is this a pulla or bread?

June 25, 2020



I typed "a pulla or a bread" and was flagged wrong. I'm no native english speaker. Any clues on why is thst wrong?


I'm a native English speaker and I put "a bread" too. It sounds a little awkward, but I assumed they wanted something like that, since the English sentence "Is this bread?" means you're talking about bread as a substance which would require the partitive in Finnish, and this sentence doesn't use partitive. A more accurate English translation might be "a loaf of bread" but it seemed less likely to be accepted than "a bread."


how do we know if it will be partitive or not? Is "Onko tämä pullaa vai leipää" wrong, or just another way to hear it?


The English sentence has an article, a pulla. That means we're talking about a countable object and therefore partitive isn't used.


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