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  5. "Onko japani suuri kieli?"

"Onko japani suuri kieli?"

Translation:Is Japanese a large language?

June 25, 2020



A 'large language' is meaningless in English; important, 'major' as in widely-spoken perhaps?


Or it has a big vocabulary with lots of synonyms?


It refers to the number of speakers. As you learn German as well: It works the same way in German. "Finnisch ist ein große Sprache, Saami ist eine kleine Sprache."


As a native German speaker, I have to admit saying "xy ist eine große Sprache" or "xy ist eine kleine Sprache" sounds rather odd to me. I'd probably just paraphrase it "xy wird von vielen Menschen gesprochen" because I can't think of a specific word for that right now.


Being a native German speaker myself, I completely agree with Gluehbirneee. I would never say "xy is eine große/kleine Sprache". It would have never occurred to me: large = a lot of speakers.


Well, I have to do a lot with languages every day, and also with small languages. I am using the words "large languages" and "small languages" in German and English almost every day, also with English native speakers - I guess that is why it sounds totally naturally to me. Obviously that is not common in German. :o) Speakers of smaller languages often speak about their small languages. :o)

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