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"Tu ne manges vraiment que de la soupe au chou ?"

Translation:You really only eat cabbage soup?

June 25, 2020



You know, all of these cabbage sentences are fun and games until your employer sends you to a South Korea where they serve you nothing but cabbage for an entire week.


That would be unpleasant


Yes, Marie Antoinette. And it's gonna cost you your tete!


Is it 'eat soup' or 'have soup'??


I thought that " you eat really only cabbage soup" would also be correct.... To me "you eat really only cabbage soup" focusses on the fact that only cabbage soup is eaten. And "you really only eat cabbage soup" suggests that one could do other things with cabbage soup, like drink it. Could any English natives concur or correct?


I thought the same and was also marked wrong


"(Do) you eat really only cabbage soup?" sounds rather awkward. "(Do) you really...?" is a common idiom in English and those words are not usually separated. Putting "really" and "only" consecutively is also a bit strange.


Do you.... is the usual way to pose a question.


If the sentence in French is in the negative, why duo you change it to the positive in translation. The meaning could be the same but would depend on inflection.


Can anyone explain why it must be "que de la" and not simply "que la"?


I thought that English uses the auxiliary Do to make questions. Besides it sound awkward the words really only. English is my second language, but this sentence sounds awful to me.


The English is informal, but you can also start the sentence with Do.


... Only If this soup is borsch.

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