"Si tu mets un peu de sucre, ce sera moins acide."

Translation:If you put in a little sugar, it will be less sour.

June 25, 2020

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If you put a little sugar in, it will be less sour is wrong?


No more than the original translation.

Adding fructose, glucose, sucrose, mannose, or any other sugar to a solution will not raise its pH--and in fact most sugars are either neutral or slightly acidic and would have, at best, the effect of making the solution even more acidic--so this sentence is impossible in any language.

Adding sugar will simply make it sweet and sour (not necessarily a bad thing), but it will not decrease the sour.


Actually, sugar and salt counter-balance one another. A good tip to remember if you over-salt something you are cooking.


Chemically you are right. But this is a trick that strawberries use to make themselves attractive. By adding sugar humans will not detect the sour taste anymore.


No, not wrong. That is accepted today 14 May 2020


My dictionary also says "acide" can also mean acidic. So why marked wrong?


"acidic" was accepted for me Aug 7th 2020.


Apparently "put on a little sugar" is a typo for "put in a little sugar". The hover hint agrees with me as "put on". No real way to report this error.


Nothing has changed. And why is it a typo? Why can't one put some sugar ON a slice of lemon tart?


A little French culinary diversion - I see that sweet and sour is aigre-doux e.g. une sauce aigre-douce. And of course the French for vinegar is vinaigre, literary sour wine.


"If you add a little sugar, it will be less sour" means the same thing. I reported my version.


'Put ON a little sugar...' should be acceptable


"Put on" marked as incorrect. Reported


Why not "If you add a bit of sugar, it will become less sour"?


The meaning is similar, but the French uses "mettre" = put, not "ajouter" = add.


The meaning is only similar anyway. In English you can't just "put" something. You have to say where you put it. "Put in" and "put on" are similar but not exact and "add" is similar but not exact.


That is why I was surprised when 'if you add a little sugar' was accepted, but it is a more usual English way of saying it.


Didn't know ''mets'' could mean 'put in '. I thought that would equate to "ajutes"


According to the dictionary un peu also means a bit. Therefore, Duo please check into this and don't mark wrong.

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My answer was "if you met a bit sugar, it will be less sour ", and it took me a while to find what was wrong.

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