"Je préfère partir en croisière sur la Méditerranée."

Translation:I prefer to go away on a cruise on the Mediterranean.

June 25, 2020

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One doesn't "go away" on a cruise one just goes on a cruise.


agreed. the cruise is the destination - you're not going on a boat to xyz.


On the Mediterranean sounds odd to me too


I reported that away was superfluous.


Maybe I am nit-picking but while 'on the Mediterranean' is perfectly acceptable, shouldn't 'to the Mediterranean'? I know 'sur' is being used here but if we're looking for just an English translation of the meaning, both phrases should be accepted. Cela n'a pas d'importance.

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why not? - I prefer leaving on the Mediterranean cruise


To say "go away on" is redundant. One goes on a cruise or takes a cruise, both of which mean "going away."


I just realized that Mediterranean means middle earth. Interesting n'est pas?


Does "I prefer to go away on a cruise" rather than "cruises" strike anyone else as odd? If I'm talking about a general preference in this way, the plural seems much more natural, but it wasn't accepted.


"I prefer to go on a mediterranean cruise" should be accepted. Duo's version is cumbersome english


I prefer to leave by cruise on the Mediterranean. (what's wrong with this?)


I went on a cruise to Kangaroo Island. ????


Spelling mediterranée is a real challenge


In British English, the 'a' is superfluous. It's more common to say go on cruise (using cruise as a verb).


I think it would be just as normal to go on "a" cruise. You would never go away on a cruise though, because a cruise isn't a form of transport, it's a type of holiday. You might go away on a boat, or a plane, or a bicycle.


No, I would always say "to go on a cruise" (be careful about saying you're going cruising, it could be taken the wrong way, especially if you are a bloke...;)). What I've never heard anyone say in the UK - and we are boating people who know lots of, eh hem, "cruisers" (it's a name of a boat type. Get your mind out of the gutter :D) - is to "go away on a cruise". It's just "to go on a cruise", or potentially controversially, "to go cruising". That's pretty much the only way I've ever heard it said.

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