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What is the most effective way to use DuoLingo for Schools in a Spanish Classroom?

*Optional practice - Students can use DuoLingo for schools if they are done with their textbook classwork or classroom activity.

*Homework - Students complete 15 minutes daily at home

*Mandatory Assignment - Students complete 10 minutes of DuoLingo for Schools daily as a class warm-up activity.

June 26, 2020



I think mandatory assignment and optional practice are good. My class do a couple of lessons of Duolingo when they are done with their classwork as an extra task. Then I set a lesson for homework as (mandatory) Spanish homework.


I have my students do one lesson on Duolingo per day, as homework. That's less than five minutes a day.

I don't generally let them take out their computers during class time, because class time is for communication and games.

However, I ran an experiment last year where I had the students use a deck of Duolingo's Tinycards that I had created, for five minutes at the beginning of class every day for two weeks, in preparation for playing restaurant. It was a GREAT success. With the demolition of Tinycards, however, I will have to move to Quizlet next year.

Of course the best thing about using Duolingo in the classroom is the ease of tracking students. And when we moved suddenly to remote learning, and I was bemoaning the loss of immediate, targeted feedback, I took comfort in the fact that Duo is adaptive and that students could not progress until they had understood each sentence, and that they would have more than one opportunity on any sentences they stumbled over.


Hello , excuse me I'm a recent teacher and I'm trying to get Tips and students so can someone help me?


Welcome, safaricookie! What is your question? Are you looking for tips on how to use Duolingo in general, or do you have questions about the "Tips" section under each skill?


You need to make logins for students using Duolingo for Schools (even if they don't have email, like my class).

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