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  5. "Tervetuloa ja onnea!"

"Tervetuloa ja onnea!"

Translation:Welcome and good luck!

June 26, 2020



Welcome and congratulations!


It is welcome and good luck not welcome and congratulations


i misspelled onnea as "onnes" it did not notice and said that it was correct, should have noticed it as a misspelling (reported as something else went wrong)


Marked as wrong when I chose to put "and best wishes!" even though, in one of the previous phrase, it showed me that "Onnea" alone (as opposed to the full "Paljon onnea") was a correct translation for "Best wishes" and accepted it when I wrote that. Is there a fine nuance to it? Thanks.


Best wishes is a synonym for congratulations in English. Tervetuloa ja onnea translates into "Welcome and good luck" or "Welcome and congratulations". As explained in the comments of Paljon onnea! -exercise (I hope you find that discussion) paljon onnea and onnea alone are slightly different since one is a phrase. Welcome and best wishes sounds a bit weird in English and is probably therefore not a good translation for this.


I think Duolingo is trying to be as encouraging as it can with a very challenging language..


Didn't even have a chance to get this one right. The word wasn't underlined, and I didn't see this word before.


Everything has translations unless you're testing out of a skill or doing a quiz - for an obvious reason. If not then report it :)


I like this langage !!


The TTS says: 'Terve! Tuloa ja onnea' =) No big deal, but reported anyway.


Hmm, rather, it's saying "tervettuloa ja onnea", and because there is a double "t" it sounds like a little pause. The double "t" is how you pronounce the word in real life too, so it's not a mistake. It's called gemination. :)


Does onnea means good luck and best wishes at the same time?


Onnea is the partitive form of the word onni which means both luck and happiness.


can someone just help with answer it is too hard

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