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  5. "Musti is a black dog."

"Musti is a black dog."

Translation:Musti on musta koira.

June 26, 2020



Does Musti mean something like Blackie? Where you name your black dog essentially black?


Originally, yes. Nowadays "Musti" is such a cliche that it almost means dog by itself, a bit like naming your parrot "Polly". But yes, it does come from the word "musta".


In Pokémon Sword, I named my Stoutland Musti.


Anybody has ever seen the show Metalocalypse? In one episode they summon a lake troll from the Finnish Necronomicon. His name is Mustakrakish :)


You can remember the word "musta" by thinking of a black Ford Mustang.


Very tricky haha I like it


Musti is a very common and traditional dog's name in Finland. :-)


It must be the reason that this dog is called Musti.


I chose "pieni" instead of "koira" by accident and it didn't get marked wrong, it just said "You have a typo," and corrected "pieni" to "peni." This must be an error of some kind.


Peni is an old word for dog, but I wouldn't have expected it to be recognized here. Nowadays it can be used as a name for a dog.


Ah, I see. Thanks.


Is it just my misunderstanding? The example before there was the same sentence ending "koira musta", but now the app says that I'm wrong and the correct answer is "musta koira". So, which one is right?


I can't find a sentence with the words "koira musta" in the course (but admittedly the search function isn't great).

You could ask "Onko koira musta?" = Is the dog black? Or say "Koira on musta" = The dog is black.

But here, the order does indeed have to be "musta koira".

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