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  5. "Do we have ketchup at home?"

"Do we have ketchup at home?"

Translation:Onko meillä ketsuppia kotona?

June 26, 2020



Voimmeko ottaa ketsuppia ? Emme, meillä on ketsuppia kotona, Ketsuppia kotona : [Insert Something, I just wanted to try making this meme in Finnish]


One small correction: ketsuppia is partitive, and the last part should be "Ketsuppi kotona". :)


Is "kotona" a special case of "koti"? What is it and is this irregular for this word?


It's an archaic form that only exists for a couple of words, but was used to express location. With "koti", you use "kotona" in most situations where you'd normally use the -ssa/-ssä location suffix. You can use -ssa when you're discussing home as a concept: "Kodissa täytyy olla sauna." (A home must have a sauna.) "Useimmissa kodeissa on vähintään yksi tietokone." (Most homes have at least one computer.)


The spelling of ketchup ffs...

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