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"Tyyne ja Kaisa asuvat nykyään Pariisissa."

Translation:Tyyne and Kaisa live in Paris nowadays.

June 26, 2020



Expected word order is inconsistent with sentences using the word "nowadays". "Tyyne and Kaisa live nowadays in Paris" and "Tyyne and Kaisa live in Paris nowadays" both work 100% the same.


I'd say 75% the same. "Tyyne and Kaisa live in Paris nowadays" is the usual word order. "Tyyne and Kaisa live nowadays in Paris" emphasizes "nowadays."


In my variant of English "...live nowadays in Paris" would likely be considered wrong. If this was an English course I would insist that nowadays only be allowed as the first or last word, as anything else is "non-standard". However, since this is a Finnish course, they should probably also accept it either side of the word live.


I agree with you, nimporte-qui, that "...live nowadays in Paris" doesn't sound right. I answered "... nowadays live in Paris", but it was not accepted. I reported it as an answer that should be accepted, so hopefully it will be after review.


Would currently also be correct instead of nowadays+?


I would say yes, definitely. "Nowadays" did not even come to mind when I initially had to translate that sentence. I've only reached a B1 language level in Finnish though, so better ask a native speaker for confirmation.

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