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"De windmolen"

Translation:The windmill

August 4, 2014



According to Van Dale online, molen mean any kind of mill and is not equivalent to windmill. Prefixes tell you what type of mill, e.g. koffiemolen.


the old windmills are commonly reffered to as just "molens", the electricity producing kind are called "windmolen"


good to know! thanks


I thought molen = windmill, and windmolen = wind turbine/farm? Or am I mistaken?


That is indeed usually the meaning of molen and windmolen, though you can also use them interchangeably. A 'windmolen' is a type of 'molen', and some traditional looking 'molens' can also be 'windmolens' if they work on wind.


So from reading your comment I am guessing that windmolens would be for referring to multiple windmolen?


Im just asking what the plural word is for this.


Windmolens is the plural of Windmolen.

If you are interested in knowing what the singular (enkelvoud) or plural (meervoud) of a word is you can go to www.vandale.nl.

If you put in a word it gives you the singular (if it is de or het, and the plural (meervoud). As well as a definition in Dutch.

For example: http://www.vandale.nl/opzoeken?pattern=windmolen&lang=nn#.VSzozNyUcrV

You can also translate words from English (Engels-Nederlands), or to English (Nederlands-Engels).


In South Africa a wind turbine is a "windturbine" in Afrikaans, and a windmill or "windmeul" often refers to a what is actually a wind driven pump used to draw water up from a borehole. I don't suppose those are ever needed in the Netherlands!!


Windmills to keep the right water level in polders used to be very important in the Netherlands and parts of Belgium. For instance the 19 world heritage windmills near Kinderdijk are all polder windmills. Their function was taken over by steam pumping stations (stoomgemalen) and later electrical pumping stations (electrische gemalen). According to https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemaal_(waterbouw) there currently are some 550 pumping stations in the Netherlands, which are still very important (and will keep on being very important) to keep our feet dry and water at the right levels in all polders.


I thought mill was meulen. Has my name been a lie all my life?


As we use "Meul" in Afrikaans it probably was the Dutch word a few centuries ago.


Ah, I see. You are properly right and glad to see that. :) I don't feel like a fraud anymore. I also just realised my name is Mills, not mill.


The d sounds like it is pronounced t, even though it is in the middle of the word. Is this because it's a compound word?... or am I just hearing wrongly?


is molen an "en" or an "het" word?


It is a "de" word, I think – have a look at the title of this page.


"Windmolen" has been mispronounced here.


Finally! :D Now this is some good Dutch!

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