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"Viikingit sanovat, että heillä on ikävä merta."

Translation:The Vikings say that they miss the sea.

June 26, 2020



"That" is not mandatory when it's function is to introduce a subordinate clause. "The Vikings say they miss the sea." is perfectly correct and common.


In English you can leave out "that" in this sentence


And what about: the vikings say that they are missing the sea...? Should be correct too?


What's wrong with "The Vikings are saying that they miss the sea"?


It should be accepted, according to the system.


I have a screenshot from a discussion (which apparently has been downvoted by some not thinking users... :( ) in which Azureflowers suggested "Viikingit kaipaavat merelle" ja "Viikingit halajavat merelle" as options for "long for" (being "halajaa" an old-fashioned verb).

Now my question - I thought that the object with "kaivata" is expressed with Partitive, but here I see the Allative instead. Is there some rule of thumb about when to use one case or another, or both of them could match? For instance, is it always "kaipaan sinua" or can it also be "kaipaan sinulle"?

Thanks in advance for any reply (and I hope this post doesn't disappear because of downvoting :-P )


Would be "valtameri" I think


So ikävä always goes with on before It

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