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"Violetti ei ole kukka vaan väri."

Translation:Purple is not a flower but a color.

June 26, 2020



So it turns out that the flower "violet" in Finnish is orvokki.


For me, wondering whether to translate violetti as "violet" or "purple," this is actually a pretty handy sentence, as it removes the ambiguity. Yes, there is a flower called a violet, but I haven't yet encountered a flower called a purple —and now I know that the flower is called orvokki!


Yes, this sentence was originally translated as Violet is not a flower, hence all the conversation.


And oranges are apelsiinia rather than oranssia. That's another linguistic improvement on what we have in English. Almost worth forgiveness for the partitive. ;-)


"Oranges are appelsiineja." :)


Ha-ha! Was going to say that this kind of lost something in the translation XD


I like this kind of sentences very much! Also sentences about karanteeni and about angry birds v)


Interestingly, the Russian word цвет means colour, while in my native language it means flower :D


цвет - a color

цвета - colors

цветы - flowers

цветок - a flower

So these words has the same root "цвет".


Hej Why do I use the word vaan instead of mutta ? Kiitos !


In the meaning "not this but that" but is translated as "vaan" in Finnish. Mutta is a coordinating conjunction used to connect two sentences, such as "I want to buy food but I don't have money" = "Haluan ostaa ruokaa, mutta minulla ei ole rahaa".

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