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"Where is the large, white plate?"

Translation:Missä suuri valkoinen lautanen on?

June 26, 2020



Missä on... is just as natural as having 'on' at the end of the sentence. However, they mean slightly different things. If you say "Missä suuri, valkoinen lautanen on?" you know this plate exists and you want to find it. "Missä on suuri, valkoinen lautanen?" is asking somebody else to find it, as if it was hidden, like in a picture full of different objects. Both answers certainly should be accepted. Both are 'proper' Finnish.


What is the difference between an iso valkoinen lautanen and a suuri valkoinen lautanen?


Just a guess, but could it be the same as the difference between a big white plate and a large white plate in English? :)


Had the exact same questio that I came here to ask :) Big vs large sounds plausible. Thanks, Zamlet!


Why is it "Missä suuri valkoinen lautanen on" and not "ovat" in this instance?


Suuri valkoinen lautanen is a single, singular subject. Therefore, a singular verb is needed.

If it were plural suuret valkoiset lautaset, then the plural verb ovat would be needed. The plural verb would also be needed if the subject had multiple nouns, like 'Missä lautanen ja lasi ovat?'

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