"Ses papiers, ton père les a encore perdus."

Translation:His ID papers, your father lost them again.

June 26, 2020

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We would never say "his ID papers." It would be either "his papers" or His ID" but not both. It sounds very painfully redundant.


It's not we wouldn't ever but it's definitely not common. I was wondering if anyone had just put "papers" down (it's why I came to the forum). ID, or papers, are the most likely words to be used, not both.


Just "papers" is accepted, Jun 2021


My lesson was "pick the bubble" for this sentence and I didn't use the "ID" bubble and it was accepted. My guess is that something else in your sentence was wrong or misspelled.


In this and the previous three questions, the French may be French but the English is very poor English. You can't say "His ID papers, his father has lost them again".


You can (it's "your father", btw, which makes more sense). It's just we don't usually use this construction. It's being written like this in the English so we'll remember how the French like to speak, which is the whole point of the app.

I've used this example (similarly rather than exactly) elsewhere, where someone compliments a woman's dress: "This dress? I've had it forever." It's a way of taking a compliment but not in a boasting manner.

We speak like this more commonly than most people think. It's just when it's written down does it look "wrong."


------ his father has lost his id papers again ? subject, predicate, direct object. . .


Ses papiers-Ces papiers I cannot distinguish between them. Should I be able to ?


How do ...papiers... exclusively become ID papers?


I think it's because this bit we're on is about adventure and travelling. It's sort of understood tacitly what sort of papers are being implied.


Interesting. I first put "Her papers, your father lost them again" Wrong. I assumed they need "ID papers", but I just answered "His papers, your father lost them again" and it was correct. So it's not the lack of ID, but the gender of the papers' owner. Reported both instances. I am so disappointed in these added-on lessons which seem to have been released without much editing. Like many others I was nearly done with this level when the extras were added and had to start at level zero with no way to test out. I remind myself I'm here to learn French, not to blitz my way through my tree, but it is frustrating. Maybe they'll add lessons featuring Sisyphus as they've really nailed the essence of that story.


By the way the new update wiped out all my Section 6 exercises which were at Level 2. made me mad.


Ouch! That's more than annoying, I'm not surprised you feel mad. I'd be fuming too! Tbh, they keep changing things (so-called "improvements") which often make me want to chuck the whole course in. I was nearly completed when they changed everything from about level 5 I think it was, so I'm now on my 600th+ day redoing the levels I'd already completed, so I know how you feel!


I had already finished the whole tree, won the trophy, hooray hooray, and BOOM! they added 84 new courses. Even so, I'd be EXTRA MAD if instead of adding courses, they had made me lose progress >[


Do ces and ses sound different?


As others have said, "ID papers" is redundant. Either "His ID" or "His papers" should be accepted. (Though, you'd want "ID" to match with "it", not "them".)


Why not passport as in previous exercises?

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